Getting Ready to Spin

I have always been fascinated with spinning wheels. I grew up in the 70’s, back in the hippie days. I dreamed of learning to weave on a loom and spin my own yarn on what seemed to be a magical spinning wheel. I don’t even remember what the wheel that fascinated me so even really looked like….maybe the one that Rumpelstiltskin used to spin straw into gold or maybe the one that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on and fell into a deep, deep sleep until she was awakened by the Handsome Prince. Wait, wrong story.

music box spindle

Once I learned how to weave, I decided to learn how to spin. How hard could it be? Right. I learned 2 things right away: one is that bad equipment will frustrate any spinner, and will turn a new spinner completely away from spinning and two, junk in equals junk out or life is too short to spin bad fiber.

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