Grandma’s Spinning Wheel, Tucson AZ

What fun we had at Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Tucson,  AZ! I was at an event with fellow coaches, and was able to fill the car and head out on our adventure!

We were welcomed as soon as we entered by Michael, Grandma’s husband. He immediately introduced us to “Grandma” the knitted version, another photo opportunity for me. 

IMG_0017 IMG_0003


It was hard not to be distracted by all the cubbies of yarn, yarn and more yarn. That was on the knitting side.

Here Dolly gets into the mood and the energy by modeling with a possible project.







We moved over to the spinning side and my heart skipped a few beats! The knitting group meets on Wednesdays, and they are set up on the spinning side of the shop, a large and very friendly group. I couldn’t wait to get my paws on all the fibers! Not just wools, but almost anything you can imagine to spin. I immediately started geeking out with my friends, encouraging them to touch this or that fiber and telling them the qualities of the fiber, and how to spin it and what to make with resulting yarn. The two newer women in my entourage didn’t know me well, and were probably wondering exactly what they had gotten themselves into.   Bwa-ha-ha-ha!


Michael showed us the beautiful drop spindles made by local artist Ken Ledbetter, including a very clever drop spindle with 3 shafts. The idea is to fill 2 shafts with single ply yarn, then unscrew each one as it’s filled, then use the 3rd shaft to ply onto. I was especially excited to see this spindle, after hearing a local weaving friend describe it after her visit to Grandma’s Spinning Wheel.

It was hard to choose just a few photos to share. Makes me wish I lived in Tucson so that I could show up for the Thursday afternoon Spin-In. Unfortunately, the event I was at precluded that during my brief time in Tucson, but it was pretty tempting to play hooky! 

My recommendation: Grandma’s Spinning Wheel is a must  stop when you are in Tucson!  Plan to stay and knit, spin, pet the skeins, fondle the fibers and especially, to shop!

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