Indigo—whataya know?

Dyeing fiber, yarn and fabric with indigo is a magical process.  It takes prep, and a strong commitment to ignore the smell of the dye vat, but the results are amazing and fun.  Before I dazzle you with an adventure of two with indigo, here’s a thought or two about a use for indigo I didn’t know about : Hair Dye.

My hair is mostly gray now, salt and pepper. Ugh, who thought of that?  My previous color was a dark brunette. Occasionally, my hair was red, mahogany, burgundy, and right before the gray started getting really noticeable, purple. Well, not purple-purple, more like a purplish tint over my dark brown.  When the white hairs started looking like purple crayons, I knew it was time to stop the purple wash and go natural or pick a color.


I went natural.  Then recently, I came across an article about using Henna to color hair. I knew that one, I’d used henna in the past. And I have a packet of henna in the natural dye cabinet, to someday experiment with to dye some yarn or fiber.


What I didn’t know is that to get black color on hair is a two-step process. The first step is to use henna, which would be orangey red on light or gray hair. Step two is the magic: Indigo!


I don’t know what the outcome would be on my hair, but it is too intriguing not to try. The promised outcome is blue-black. I got rave reviews of the updated picture on my website, when folks thought I had blue hair.  That was a trick of the light and the way the photographer prepared the photo for me to upload. Blue hair does sound like fun tho, things have been a bit quiet lately.

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